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We are an all-volunteer organization. No one is paid. Each year our members donate thousands of hours of their time and expertise as professionals. In that effort, our members donate tens of thousands of dollars worth of professional services, fuel for their vehicles, wear and tear on those vehicles, and many other things which have a real monetary value.

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There are four categories of membership: 

Professional – Medically Licensed by your State

EMR Trained – Current and Certified

Member – CPR and First Aid

Honorary / Supporter – Corporate Sponsor, Political, NFP Associations and or Family

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About Us

MC Docs is a Motorcycle Club made up of full and part-time people who work in emergency services, active and retired. Including doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMT’s and Firefighters. Together we have a variety of certified professionals working within the medical industry, who all have current training in both CPR/AED and have a First Responder – First Aid Certification.


Have you ever witnessed anyone choking, stung by a bee, receive a splinter, or suffer from a heart attack? Did you know what to do to help stabilize the person until professional help arrived, or did you have to stand by and just have to wait? Do you have kids, a spouse? Then you need to know these basic lifesaving skills.⁠

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